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For the 16th time the Non-Governmental Organizations of Szczecin would like to invite residents and guests of our city to the Great Picnic of Passions - that is The 16th Meeting of Non-Governmental Organizations "Under the Plane-Trees".

The event will take place on 18 June 2017, from 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. As usual the Meeting will take place on Jasne Błonia.

The Meeting "Under the Plane-Trees" is the finale of The 11th Week of Non-governmental Initiatives. Non-Governmental Organizations play an immense and significant role in this process.

We do hope that the events of The 11th Week of Non-Governmental Initiatives along with The Meeting "Under the Plane-Trees" will be a unique occasion to present the achievements of your organizations as well as to share with your ideas, views or experiences. It is also a chance to start cooperation with new organizations. We hope that by your initiatives, ideas and suggestions the programme of The 11th Week of Non-Governmental Initiatives and The 16thMeeting "Under the Plane-Trees" will be enriched and become even more interesting.

We believe you will share your ACTIVITY and passion with us on this year's Meeting "Under the Plane-Trees".

To find out more please visit: www.platany.org and www.platany.szczecin.pl

For the 16th time The Meeting of Non-Governmental Organizations "Under the Plane-Trees" will take place in our city. The event is a holiday of the Third Sector organised by NGOs for all residents and guests of Szczecin.  Moreover, it is a dialogue platform between the NGOs and the residents of our city - especially to those who are not up to date with the NGO’s ACTIVITIES or who do not know what do the NGOs do. We strongly encourage you to contribute to this unique in Poland event, because without your energy and ingeniousness  the Meeting could not take place.



Let's show us and show our achievements off! Let's prove that non-governmental sector is a great power!

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